My Platform

The Gift of Joy strives to bring joy to children experiencing homelessness or food insecurity. I do that through several projects reaching out to children in the metro Atlanta area and beyond. I also aim to inspire others to create similar projects in their communities.

Birthday Bags: These bags provide a child with everything needed to celebrate their birthday, including cake mix, frosting, decorations, gifts, and a homemade card. I have distributed over 600 bags worldwide.

Christmas Cheer Bags: These bags are distributed at Christmas to children served by a food pantry. My goal is to provide children with items that help them enjoy the traditions of the season. I have delivered bags to about to 200 to children in metro Atlanta for each of the past three years.

Other Projects: Some other ways in which I have brought joy to children in need are with Easter Baskets, encouraging cards, book donations, and handmade blankets.

Inspiring Others

My service project has spread across the country - and even the world - through the work of others.